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Incline Village, Nevada, Lisa Altrocchi Mihevc, Certified Massage Therapist


"I have been wanting to tell you how much you helped me, you saved my vacation actually! The work you did on my back was exactly what it needed.  I could not sleep, my daily stretching exercises would not touch the discomfort I was in.  Many people do massage but very few have an innate gift for it, you do.  I was very grateful and will make an appoint when I an back in Incline next year.  All the best to you." Cindy DePinto

"If you have never had a massage at the hands of Lisa Altrocchi you had better schedule one right away. This isn’t something to save for the Bucket List; this is an experience to enjoy for many years to come. Lisa has an intuitive sense of awareness that she applies to your particular needs.

She takes her time in speaking with you in advance (without interrupting the massage time) to discover your particular underlying issues. Whether you need deep tissue, or sports massage, you are in great hands. With a spiritual and wise touch, Lisa brings you back to a carefree time in your life. Relaxation and relief are fully realized.

The room is warm, inviting, and soothing. You will emerge refreshed and encouraged. Treat yourself to Rejuvenation Massage."  Suzi Burkett, Author 


"Lisa is one of the best message therapists I have ever experienced, and there have been many! She is very attuned to the needs of my body as they vary.   With her own unique style, she is dedicated to meeting her client's needs. I highly recommend her!" DeeDee Boies, Incline Village

I would love to put your testimonial here.  Please call or email.  Thanks in advance.  Lisa

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